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Global Institute of Psychosocial, Palliative and End-of-Life Care (GIPPEC) is devoted to supporting and developing interdisciplinary research and education that addresses medical, psychosocial and societal problems related to advanced and terminal disease. The interdisciplinary scholarship that emerges from GIPPEC will add breadth and depth to discussion and debate and generate critical awareness into how terminal illness functions culturally, discursively, and politically.  

GIPPEC aims to bring together, in a global research centre, the combined scholarship of faculty within health sciences, the professional departments, the social sciences and humanities and from a range of other disciplines and departments, linked to international collaborating centres of research and education.  GIPPEC will build on existing research groupings at the University of Toronto in palliative and end-of-life care and the scholarship in a wide range of Faculties, Departments, Divisions, Institutes, Centres and Schools at the University of Toronto.

GIPPEC is currently considering applications for Core Faculty Members with primary appointments in existing university departments and divisions who devote a significant proportion of their academic responsibilities to the aims of the GIPPEC as well as Associate Faculty Members who devote part of their academic responsibilities to the aims of the GIPPEC.


Criteria for Core Faculty

(Not all criteria will apply to individual faculty members)

  • Primary areas of research and/or education that fall within the aims of GIPPEC;
  • Faculty appointment at the University of Toronto;
  • Significant program of research and/or education relevant to the aims of GIPPEC;
  • International collaboration and global outreach;
  • Willingness to supervise and mentor students and trainees;
  • Expertise in health policy and knowledge translation at national and/or regional level in the disciplines/thematic areas of GIPPEC; and
  • Participation in GIPPEC symposia and events

Criteria for Associate Faculty
As for Core Faculty, but activities in research or education within the aims of GIPPEC may occupy a lesser proportion of time.

Application Details

Interested candidates fulfilling the requirements listed above shall submit the following:

  • CV
  • Personal statement describing their interest in GIPPEC (max 1 page)
  • An overview of current and planned research and/or other relevant experience (max 2 pages)

How to Apply

Closing Date: Open Ended


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