Anne Lanceley

Senior Lecturer

Women’s Cancer at the Institute for Women’s Health, University College

Anne Lanceley is Senior Lecturer in Women’s Cancer at the Institute for Women’s Health, University College, London. She combines a research role with a clinical role as an Honorary Clinical Nurse Specialist at University College Hospital (UCLH) and as a supervisor to cancer care professionals. Recently she became a trainee within the UCLH Cancer Psychological Care Team.  Her research interests lie in the areas of symptom management, recovery after treatment, quality of life and innovative psychological therapies - their implementation and evaluation in the clinical setting.

Anne trained at St. Bartholomew’s and the Royal Marsden Hospitals, London.  Her research and academic training includes degrees in English literature and Research and Research Fellowships at City University and Queen Mary College, London. Anne gained her first ward sisters post in oncology and HIV/AIDS in 1985. Since then she has held innovative senior clinical and academic posts including Senior Nurse at The Middlesex Hospital where she commissioned the first UK Teenage Cancer Unit and a Senior Lectureship at the Institute of Cancer Research London where she established multidisciplinary MSc programmes in Cancer and Palliative Care and Cancer Genetics. 

A life-long interest in language and communication has lead to expertise that challenges traditional methods of researching communication in health care. For example Anne’s doctoral work: “Emotion talk between nurses and cancer patients: the tempest in my mind” looked at the processes of talk between nurses and cancer patients and examined the impact on the nurse of hearing patients’ feelings and distress.

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